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All OMNI Mold Systems products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

 Hot Runner Direct Feed Bushings

Standard Hot Sprue Bushings

Hot Runner Bushing Kits are available to fit all of our two plate molds.

These kits include the Hot Runner (Direct Feed) Bushing, Connector, Wire Retaining Clip, Locating Ring ( including the appropriate spacer) & Top Clamp Plate (Top Clamp id fully machined with Sprue and wire channel Geometry).

Features & Benefits:
Exclusive "Flat Gate" System
Means gate vestage is minimized and each design can be customized. Hot Runner Direct Feed Bushings
Advanced Integral Sleeve Heater
Means extended heater life.
Unique Wear Resistant Tip Design
Means less down time due to tip repair.
Medium Pitch
Means the Precision II can service more mid-sized molds/part shot sizes.
Consistent Heat Profile
Means optimum Hot Runner performance.
Resin Versatility
Means a wide range of resins can be processed for more applications.
Replaceable Tips, Heater, and T/C
Means easy serviceability.

The New Precision II Hot Runner bushing is designed to run mid-sized molded parts where a medium pitch is required. Advanced heat transfer technology provides optimum performance. The special tip design allows for the Precision II to process commodity, engineering and filled resins while drastically reducing tip wear at the gate.

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Hot Runner (Direct Feed) Bushings are also available individually.


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