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"The OMNI Mold System cuts our lead times dramatically: This gets our product to market quicker and reduces costs. In some cases this eliminates the need for prototypes."

Jeff Gray
Project Engineer
Pitney Bowes

"By using OMNI Mold Systems we reduce our lead times without sacrificing quality. This helps us to get more molding contracts"

Joe Rizzo
Director Program

"The three biggest problems in a small shop are Time, Time & Time. When I standardize with OMNI, I can maximize my time on the important molding areas. This allows us to build more tools in the same time without a large capital outlay!"

Dana Heckendorf
Owner Operator
D. Heck Tool


  About Omni Mold

  Why OMNI Mold Systems >>
Founded in 1994, OMNI Mold Systems started as a Design concept by our sister company, a respected New England based Moldmaker. In 1985 they began to standardize mold designs in an effort to reduce the time needed to get designs to the manufacturing floor, there-by reducing leadtimes.

In 1991 they took it a step further and applied this same concept to side actions. Standard slide components were designed, produced, and stocked on the shelf ready for use. The development of these components allowed for a reduction in lead times for the more difficult side action molds.

This idea was working very well, and 1993 it was decided to stock the mold bases that had previously been standardized in the design stage. At that time, there were 8 different sizes all with round cavity bores. They were produced in 2 and 3 plate versions.

The standardization of these basic components of the mold making process was an effort to gain a valuable edge, or advantage over the competition. It was however recognized, that this type of product could have a profound impact on the entire injection molding industry. In 1994 OMNI Mold Systems was founded with the idea of maintaining a complete inventory of standard mold bases and slide components, and an ability to ship all orders in 1 day. A commitment we maintain to this day. In 1995 there were 180 styles and sizes of standard mold bases in stock. Today there are over 1,000 standard mold bases to pick from, all of which are proudly, "Made in the USA".

Through the years OMNI Mold Systems has continued to add products and services in an effort to better serve you, the customer. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and value for their money, and to do it faster than anyone else in the industry. To prove it, in June of 2000, OMNI Mold Systems announced the transition to "all stainless steel mold bases" with NO PRICE INCREASE. Again in March of 2001, OMNI proved our unparalleled commitment to our customers with 5 to 7 day shipments of completed mold bases.

The OMNI Mold Systems concept is a simple one. Standardize as much of the mold building process as possible and use those standards to reduce lead times and increase profits. From free preliminary layouts, to 5 - 7 day shipments of finished mold bases, OMNI Mold Systems has the tools you need to be competitive in today's market.
 Why OMNI Mold Systems >>

All OMNI Mold Systems products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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